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VDX Training


User Manual

The user manual has been updated for the most current version.  You can download the full manual or specific chapters, or search the text for key words. The full manual has a hyperlinked Table of Contents.


Self Audit Checklist

Been using VDX for a while and wantto make sure you are as efficient as possible?  Review this self-audit checklist to improve your daily VDX and ILLO workflow. 


Self-Directed Training Roadmap

The Roadmap is for self-directed VDX learning.  Whether you are new to VDX and need to learn all the steps, or just need a quick answer to a question, the Roadmap is for you!


VDX Test System

Log in to the VDX test/training system with the same username and password that you use for your live VDX account.  Test/training systems are copy of the live INFO system and are for practice ONLY.  Visually verify that you are in the VDX Test system by seeing ‘tst’ in version statement at the bottom of the screen i.e.  Version: VDX 9.1 (Build 256)  [vdxtst03dwdu]